WorkLife Book Club Case Studies

Learning Through Reading

WorkLife Book Club Case Studies embrace Learning Through Reading and applying those lessons to real-life situations. The series is a collection of stories inspired by real WorkLife struggles and successes and show how the wisdom found in the books they read helped the protagonists in the stories navigate through their challenging situation. 

The stories are presented as case studies for group discussion. The case and the recommended book are the required reading for each book club meeting and help to frame the subsequent discussion. 

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Each individual case study is for single use only. Please do not distribute or share in any format. If you’re getting copies for each member of your book club, just add the required number to your cart.

This helps me to honour my commitment to create WorkLife learning resources that are accessible to everyone – that reflect the value at a fair price to all – individuals who are responsible for their own learning, companies who want to invest in the learning of their people, and me as the creator. 

The premise behind the Learning Through Reading series, which originated from the WorkLife Book Club book, is that experiences we have in our WorkLife shape our understanding of the world. Stories help communicate truths about human behaviours and relationships, bringing an opportunity for change and development. Books help anchor WorkLife conversations through characters, plots and settings, enabling a range of issues to be worked through.

My stated mission is to guide learning through reading. I also have a secret mission, which is to draw attention to stories of change and active decision making – people standing up and saying they want to do something different with their WorkLife. I want to highlight stories, books and discussions that focus on in-depth portrayals of subjects inner feelings, thoughts and motivations. While readers will not encounter the exact scenarios they read about, they will be able to use an increasingly finely tuned ability to understand and respond to multiple competing viewpoints.

The learning resources I bring you are created from questions and answers drawn from WorkLife lessons. To help me understand where I need to prioritise my focus in creating helpful learning resources, tap the link below to let me know:

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