How To Recover From Rejection And Build Strong Resilience

“Rejection is the one constant of human experience.” Howard Jacobson Rejection Recovery Resilience The world has always been a challenging place, and perhaps now more than ever, as people try to cope with fast paced and unpredictable change. Times of uncertainty bring about difficult times, and oftentimes limited resources, leading to rejections. Resilience is theContinue reading “How To Recover From Rejection And Build Strong Resilience”

How To Successfully Invent And Reinvent Yourself

“If You Are Not Where You Want to Be, Do Not Quit, Instead Reinvent Yourself.” Eric Thomas Orla’s Story: How She Applied to Work for an Organisation She Aspired to be Part of when She Didn’t Meet the Specified Criteria of the Position Advertised Orla was at the early stages of her WorkLife. She aspired to workContinue reading “How To Successfully Invent And Reinvent Yourself”