How Reminiscing Gave Insight and Inspiration in Knowing I’m Where I Need to Be 

A Case Study: A memory gave me insight to how I got to where I am in my WorkLife and inspiration in knowing I’m at the right place – the place my WorkLife journey was meant to take me to.

How To Craft Great Turning Points Into Your Story

When you reach a turning point in your WorkLife this is a significant point in time that can cause an irrevocable change in direction. Consider that perhaps it’s the time to create the next chapter of your WorkLife story – to start something different and better. And remember, your act of kindness may lead to a turning point for someone.

A Turning Point Story: How Sometimes What You Think You Want, and Need Are Incorrect

Step 1: Think about a belief you have had in the past about something you want and need. Consider if that’s something you still want and need. Question if the way you went about fulfilling this want and need was incorrect or correct.

How to Self: Coach, Direct and Lead To Achieve Your Dreams and Goals

Bridget has begun to establish herself as a guest speaker and panel member, which in turn is allowing her to become an established and recognised literary artist who is respected for her work, through which she makes a living.