How Your Unique Stories Help You to Communicate With Power and Impact

Develop your storytelling ability by making storytelling part of your daily life. After all storytelling is the best communication tool a conversationalist, presenter, influencer, negotiator or leader can use; and as a strategy, whenever you want to make an impact tell a story.

The Most Important Piece of Wisdom That Has Served Me Well Throughout My WorkLife

My experience is that people who are really good at what they do, don’t give out unsolicited advice. Some will choose to be mentors, and in doing so, will share their experiences through their stories. Stories are a wonderful way to help people—a wonderful way to impart wisdom without telling people what to do. People can always figure that out for themselves.

3 Effective Questions to Develop a Pitch Your Audience Want to Listen To 

Have There Been Times in Your Worklife When You’ve Had to Pitch Yourself or Your Ideas, When There Was a Lot Riding on It, Maybe It Was in an Interview, or Presentation, or You Had to Sell Your Idea to Your Team, Your Board or an Investor

3 Techniques to Help You Relax When Under Pressure and to Think on the Spot 

Really listening allows you to be completely present in the moment and is critical to the success of your action or answer. Then pause before you respond – as long as you don’t have a look of panic on your face, you’ll look thoughtful, careful and respectful.

Do You Want to Add a Little Humour and Wit to Your Presentations? 

As the laugher died down, and Doris was about to begin the sales part of her presentation, Cyril caught her gaze, and in that brief exchange he communicated to her that she’d done well. This gave Doris a quiet confidence and helped her relax into her presentation, which in turn helped her to take a lighter approach.