How Acts of Kindness and Solidarity Connected People Through Humanity 

I was moved to tears when I learnt how the Choctaw Tribe had helped my ancestors in our time of greatest need, how across the ocean they had shown us such great kindness and solidarity, when they had so little themselves. I cried tears of immense pride when I read the comments of my fellow country men and women who 173 years later were remembering and reciprocating this great kindness by giving what they could in an act of appreciation and solidarity.

Writing Helps Me Understand People and What Makes Them Tick

That’s Pretty Great Because My Work is To Understand People and What Makes Them Tick My work always begins by helping people write their WorkLife stories. Stories of their WorkLife chapters from past to present. Stories of their successes Stories of their failures. Stories of their learnings. Stories of their turning points. Stories of their futureContinue reading “Writing Helps Me Understand People and What Makes Them Tick”