Is It Ever Too Late For Your Next WorkLife Chapter?

Well, No, I Don’t Think So, And Recently, I Began Work With John, Who Is 64, And Wanted to Consider His Next WorkLife Move John’s career began in the forces where he was an engineer before moving into production management in the computer industry. From there, he moved into design and manufacturing in the telecoms industry,Continue reading “Is It Ever Too Late For Your Next WorkLife Chapter?”

Life After Redundancy What Next?

The Good News: With Creative Thinking and Strategic Planning, You Can Move to the Next Stage of Your Worklife with a Renewed Zest for Life It is disturbing for anyone to lose their job, particularly after years of service. During the current economic climate, a number of industries have been so severely impacted that people areContinue reading “Life After Redundancy What Next?”

Do Speculative Job Approaches Actually Work? (Part 2)

That Would Be a YES! As a friend of The Theatre Royal Haymarket, London, I was invited along for a tour of the theatre, followed by tea and a chat with a couple of the actors from the play ‘Great Britain’ which was playing at the time. The actors were asked how they go about gettingContinue reading “Do Speculative Job Approaches Actually Work? (Part 2)”

Mrs Beeton’s Cookbook: A Story of Invention and Reinvention

You, Too, Can Invent and Reinvent Yourself at Whatever WorkLife Stage You’re At Isabella Mary Beeton, born in 1836, was perhaps the Martha Stewart of her day. I originally thought she was a woman who had many years experience as a cook, but the truth is she set out to develop her cooking ability at theContinue reading “Mrs Beeton’s Cookbook: A Story of Invention and Reinvention”