What Makes Creative Thinking the Ultimate Human Superpower? 

I truly believe Thinking is the ultimate human superpower. And once people are confident in their ability to think for themselves and believe they have the answers they need within them, this instils the belief they can do for themselves through self-directed learning.

How to Strengthen Low Morale Brought About by Survivor’s Syndrome 

‘Survivors Syndrome’ is when the people who have remained in a job are challenged with delivering not only on their original roles/workloads but also stepping in and stepping up to fill the gaps caused by the loss of their colleagues along with their skills, knowledge and experience.

5 Creative Steps to Apply Role Storming to Problem Solving for Self Directed Learning

Role Storming is a simple technique to awaken your creative mind to help you tap into your inner sage wisdom to resolve your problem. This also helps you to fine-tune your ability to self-direct your learning. 

Writing Helps Me To Learn From My Mistakes

Writing Helps Me Know What To Do Next I love mistakes. I learn so much from them. I love mulling over mistakes in my journal, where I write my Daily Musings. I’m a reflective soul. It takes me time to know what I’ve learnt from a mistake. Writing gives me that time. I need space toContinue reading “Writing Helps Me To Learn From My Mistakes”