A Turning Point Story: How Sometimes What You Think You Want, and Need Are Incorrect

Step 1: Think about a belief you have had in the past about something you want and need. Consider if that’s something you still want and need. Question if the way you went about fulfilling this want and need was incorrect or correct.

Our Best Path Usually Begins by Acknowledging That We Do, in Fact, Have a Choice

When people or situations cause you to feel uncomfortable, take time to reflect on what it was that made you feel that way. Do this by replaying the moment in your mind, observing what was going on around you – what was said, how people were behaving.

How an Afternoon of Happiness Moved Aisling on From a Place of Being Stuck in Her Thinking to a Place Where Inspired Thoughts Came Flooding Through

It was after 5 pm when Aisling got back home, having left shortly after 11 am. That was six hours away from her laptop. Six hours away from her blank screen. Sx hours of breaking her own enforced time away from everybody and everything.