The Longest Way Round is the Shortest Way Home

The wisdom he had taken from the book gave Tom the courage to move away from the straight and narrow path of auditions to explore new pathways in pursuit of his artistic goals. It gave him an inner strength to believe in himself and served as a reminder not to compromise but to stay truthful to what he wanted to explore. 

This Is The Way It’s Always Been Done

What’s Good For Many People, Isn’t Good For All People. Freedom of Choice Gives People Their Best Way of Doing What They Want and Need to Do This Is The Way It’s Always Been Done … are people’s stories of when they wanted to do things differently, not necessarily because they thought there was anythingContinue reading “This Is The Way It’s Always Been Done”

My Top Three Isolation Inspirations

In the midst of times of uncertainty and disruption, powerful shifts are going to come about, and people are going to make big changes. You may not have the clarity on what you could, should, would do, if you only knew what that was, and that’s OK. Focus instead on how you could, should, would think about making decisions when the time is right for you.