3 Techniques to Help You Relax When Under Pressure and to Think on the Spot 

Really listening allows you to be completely present in the moment and is critical to the success of your action or answer. Then pause before you respond – as long as you don’t have a look of panic on your face, you’ll look thoughtful, careful and respectful.

Why a Flexible Mind is the Difference Between a Happy and Unhappy Person 

Difficult times, situations and circumstances are where real learning takes place. This is where people surprise themselves when they discover how capable they are to come through what life has thrown at them through sheer grit and determination. This is where people realise they have so much within themselves to enable whatever is needed to happen to take place. This is where people have the realisation they need to have a flexible mindset to do what is needed to be done, to push through difficult times, situations and circumstances.

How a Life Altering Happening Can Give You a Strong Sense of Purpose 

How a life altering happening can give you a strong sense of purpose are people’s stories of how a disease, illness, accident or other unforeseen happening totally altered their lives. How their WorkLife paths were completely taken off track. How they navigated their long road to recovery. And How ultimately they came through the other side with a strong sense of purpose.

How Finely Tuning Your Self Awareness Will Help You Manage Your Inner Voices 

Your mind can be your best friend, and it can also be your worst enemy. Saboteurs create a lot of lies, and you need to be mindful of who’s doing the talking in your head. By naming your saboteurs as your enemy and the voice of folly, rather than trusting them as your friend and the voice of wisdom, they lose their credibility and power.

4 Effective Questions to Help You Learn From Ineffective Feedback 

I believe so much in the power of effective feedback. I also believe there’s an effective and ineffective way of giving and receiving feedback. I’ve never liked the feedback ‘sandwich’, because the crux of what needs to be said and heard can be lost within what is said around it, the dressing that surrounds it. I believe feedback should be given context.