Chapter 2 I’m Taking Hemingway’s A Moveable Feast on A Moveable Feast. Chapter by Chapter. 

“Up in that room I decided that I would write one true story about each thing that I knew about. I was trying to do this all the time I was writing, and it was good and severe discipline.”

The Longest Way Round is the Shortest Way Home

The wisdom he had taken from the book gave Tom the courage to move away from the straight and narrow path of auditions to explore new pathways in pursuit of his artistic goals. It gave him an inner strength to believe in himself and served as a reminder not to compromise but to stay truthful to what he wanted to explore. 

 How to Tell Your Story Through a Story Title That Intrigues You 

It’s important because, throughout your WorkLife, you’ll be expected to tell your story or a part of your story: In day-to-day conversations, at interviews, in giving presentations or talks, in networking situations, in social settings; and so on, and so on. Taking a title and developing it into a story that tells who you are and what you’re about is a good skill to develop to enable you to have the perfect story to tell for whatever situation required.