How To Design Your Ideal WorkLife

Begin By Thinking about What You’re Doing When You’re Completely Engaged and Build More of This into Your Day What is it you find yourself doing when you’re completely engrossed and the time just passes by and you have to remind yourself to stop to eat and before you know it the morning has turned intoContinue reading “How To Design Your Ideal WorkLife”

How To Plan Effectively: Professionally and Personally

Developing Effective Action Plans Guides You in the Short-Term and Long-Term Towards Achieving What Is Important to You in Your WorkLife Petra’s Story: Following My WorkLife Plan in Times of Uncertainty Petra is working in a leading retail organisation. It is a great company to work for: she works with people she likes; her good workContinue reading “How To Plan Effectively: Professionally and Personally”

Mrs Beeton’s Cookbook: A Story of Invention and Reinvention

You, Too, Can Invent and Reinvent Yourself at Whatever WorkLife Stage You’re At Isabella Mary Beeton, born in 1836, was perhaps the Martha Stewart of her day. I originally thought she was a woman who had many years experience as a cook, but the truth is she set out to develop her cooking ability at theContinue reading “Mrs Beeton’s Cookbook: A Story of Invention and Reinvention”

How To Fine-Tune The Superpower Of Observation

Observation Is a Powerful Technique to Keep Your WorkLife Real: To Be Aware Of What Is Going On Around You, To Harness That for Your Good Carmel’s Story (That’s Me!) — Three WorkLife Stages of Observation The Present, Past and Future The Present: Looking in the Moment “I want to make a living by combining the knowledge, skills,Continue reading “How To Fine-Tune The Superpower Of Observation”

How To Embrace The Superpower Of Self Awareness

Self-Awareness Gives You the Ability to Take an Honest Look At Your WorkLife to Identify and Evaluate What Is Good, Bad or Indifferent Bill’s Story — Imposer Syndrome Bill worked at a university, as part of the team responsible for e-learning courses. He and his colleague Stephanie had just completed the Online On-Boarding course for new students, andContinue reading “How To Embrace The Superpower Of Self Awareness”

How To Pursue The Superpower Of Happiness

Do One Thing Today That Gets You Closer to Living Your WorkLife from a Place of Happiness Wayne’s Story — A Life Lived with ‘What If?’ Wayne was pretty happy with his WorkLife, and he had a lot to be happy about. He lived a good and fulfilled life in many ways, but he also lived with aContinue reading “How To Pursue The Superpower Of Happiness”

Feedback the Good, the Bad and the Downright Ugly

Feedback Can Build You up or Knock You Down. It Has the Power to Reconstruct or Destroy Your Work-Life at All Stages I was listening to Scott Budnick on the podcast Big Questions with Cal Fussman. He shared the story of the feedback he’d received at the end of his summer law internship. This is theContinue reading “Feedback the Good, the Bad and the Downright Ugly”