The Connection Between Happiness and Mental Wellbeing at The Intersection of Laughter

Some people are just naturally funny. They may have a way with words, or they may have a wacky way of looking at the world. Befriend them. 

How an Afternoon of Happiness Moved Aisling on From a Place of Being Stuck in Her Thinking to a Place Where Inspired Thoughts Came Flooding Through

Time with people who light up your life bring instant happiness and also happy memories that you can tap into when you need that shining light of happiness

How to Build Your Personal Brand to Help You and Your Company Grow

To Create a Sense of Who You Are That you Can Project to Others  A Case Study: Gerald’s Story In his two years working as a freelance personal trainer at a city gym, Gerald had grown his client base to full capacity. He loved his work, and he felt great about the positive impact itContinue reading “How to Build Your Personal Brand to Help You and Your Company Grow”

Your Personal Brand Identity Is Your Legacy

What Do You Want to Be Remembered For? A Case Study: Katrina’s Story Katrina began working as a banker immediately after graduating with her MBA. Still, in her 20s, the allure of a high salary was particularly appealing because she and her boyfriend Mike (also a banker) were planning on buying their first property. TheyContinue reading “Your Personal Brand Identity Is Your Legacy”

How To Start Something New In Difficult Times

“If not now, when?” Ronald Reagan Starting Something New in Difficult Times There will be times in your WorkLife when you will need to make changes. When you will be required to start something new. This may be brought about by difficult times. Sometimes this need to start something new will come from external influences — situationsContinue reading “How To Start Something New In Difficult Times”

Quote #22 That Helped Shape The Chapters Of My First Book

To Give People an Understanding Into What the Chapter Was About. To Open Their Thinking without Telling Them How or What to Think Chapter #22 Overcoming Your Fear To Live Your WorkLife With Courage Quote #22 “The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear” Nelson Mandela Followed by myContinue reading “Quote #22 That Helped Shape The Chapters Of My First Book”

Your Truth Is You Will Find Your Way

You’ve Done It Before. You Will Do It Again “We judge ourselves by what we feel capable of doing, while others judge us by what we have already done.” Longfellow Susie had self-published her first book. It was a collection of simple life stories that she hoped readers would find insightful in a way thatContinue reading “Your Truth Is You Will Find Your Way”