How an Intervention Healed Broken Relationships and Helped Re-Build  Positively 

Lori came to know that she needed this wake-up call, and she came to realise that the intervention by Jenny, Julian, Meg and Julian was a gift in saving her life. She was able to heal those relationships, as well as the other relationships she had damaged and broken. Rebuilding positive relationships was the integral part of the process in helping her to get back to who she used to be.

Change vs Constant Constant vs Change The Argument in Favour of Both Part 2

The contrast between old and new, modern and historic has been the secret to Blumenthal’s success. He recognises and appreciates what is good about ‘constant’ and ‘change’. His story demonstrates the argument in favour of both.

What Makes Creative Thinking the Ultimate Human Superpower? 

I truly believe Thinking is the ultimate human superpower. And once people are confident in their ability to think for themselves and believe they have the answers they need within them, this instils the belief they can do for themselves through self-directed learning.

Turning Point Story How to Create Your Meaningful WorkLife Story 

When I begin working with a client who’s considering a WorkLife change, quite often it’s because of a particular turning point in their life and they’ve come to realise that life is too short for them not to be living it fully.

7 Insightful Questions to Help You Embrace What’s Important to You in Your WorkLife 

WorkLife is our life both in and out of work and the impact each has on the other. I believe WorkLife needs to be considered holistically because all areas of our life are so intrinsically linked they cannot be separated.

What Effective Key Lesson Can Business Schools Learn From the Medical Profession?

Organisations always say employees are their most valuable asset, but slashing training budgets doesn’t convey that message and is incongruent with that philosophy. Surely Work Based Learning is the solution to enable individuals and teams to bridge that knowing-doing gap that would support their organisation in achieving their business strategy.

Why is it Important to Put Your Interests and Hobbies on Your CV?

Clients will often ask me if they should put interests and hobbies on their CV. Without hesitation I respond ABSOLUTELY. I believe it’s so important when people are being interviewed that the interviewer/s take time to understand who they are as individuals.