The Most Important Piece of Wisdom That Has Served Me Well Throughout My WorkLife

My experience is that people who are really good at what they do, don’t give out unsolicited advice. Some will choose to be mentors, and in doing so, will share their experiences through their stories. Stories are a wonderful way to help people—a wonderful way to impart wisdom without telling people what to do. People can always figure that out for themselves.

How to Make a Difference in a Way That Has a Positive Impact 

“When you’re rejected, find a process where you allow yourself to feel disappointed. It is important not to turn off those feelings, but it is important to understand how to do that as quickly as possible to then become productive again, and start doing the things that are going to give you a better opportunity. The sooner you get back to your own growth, and what can enhance it, the sooner the chance of having what you want in life becomes greater.”

How to Begin a New WorkLife Chapter in Difficult Times

During this enforced active WorkLife pause be open to experiences that require deeper thinking, let this guide your self-feedback to learning what you need to learn, and to knowing what you can do with the learning you already have within you, in a new and different context. Being observant will allow you to know what to do next to make the most of this WorkLife experience.

Willingness to Change is a Strength

Be Mindful Of the Stories You Tell Yourself, Change Your Story, Change Your Work-Life Tara lost her job as a retail banker, when the branch she had worked at for thirty years merged with the only other bank in town, resulting in significant job losses. She knew she wouldn’t be able to find a newContinue reading “Willingness to Change is a Strength”