WorkLife and Happiness

Happiness Is Linked to Motivation and People Are Often Happy When They’re Trying to Achieve Goals That Are Difficult but Not Out of Reach When Jack was five, one day, he asked me, “what’s the meaning of life and the purpose of meaning.” I was flabbergasted and hadn’t a clue how I was going to answerContinue reading “WorkLife and Happiness”

Thinking For Yourself Is The Ultimate Superpower

Creative Thinking For Yourself Promotes Creative Doing For Yourself Because I help people in WorkLife transition, I sometimes get asked by people if I’m always able to tell people what job they should be doing, and I have to explain that that’s not what I do. What I actually do is facilitate the process whichContinue reading “Thinking For Yourself Is The Ultimate Superpower”

How To Pursue The Superpower Of Happiness

Do One Thing Today That Gets You Closer to Living Your WorkLife from a Place of Happiness Wayne’s Story — A Life Lived with ‘What If?’ Wayne was pretty happy with his WorkLife, and he had a lot to be happy about. He lived a good and fulfilled life in many ways, but he also lived with aContinue reading “How To Pursue The Superpower Of Happiness”

Feedback the Good, the Bad and the Downright Ugly

Feedback Can Build You up or Knock You Down. It Has the Power to Reconstruct or Destroy Your Work-Life at All Stages I was listening to Scott Budnick on the podcast Big Questions with Cal Fussman. He shared the story of the feedback he’d received at the end of his summer law internship. This is theContinue reading “Feedback the Good, the Bad and the Downright Ugly”

Your CV (Resume)Should Tell Your Worklife Story: Who You Are Both In and Out of Work

Good Interviewers Will Give People the Chance to Tell Their Deeper Story, Which in Turn Allows Them to See a Person’s True Potential Clients will often ask me if they should put interests/hobbies on their CV, and without hesitation, I respond ABSOLUTELY. I believe it’s so important when people are being interviewed that the interviewer/sContinue reading “Your CV (Resume)Should Tell Your Worklife Story: Who You Are Both In and Out of Work”