6 Tips to Help You Craft Great Opening Lines That Hook Your Audience the Moment You Begin Your Story

The opening line to your story can be simple, eloquent, informative, contradictory, startling, thrilling, curious, suspenseful … But it should propose a contract to your audience: If you keep listening, I’ll tell you a certain kind of story.

The Case For Reading Fiction

The feedback from the group was that the experience of reading and discussing a fiction book had helped develop and fine-tune their empathy. This was because they believed having been able to tap into the feelings of the characters in the book, they felt this would help them be more attuned to their colleague’s feelings in everyday WorkLife situations and have greater empathy because of that.

Three Ways To Create Suspense in Your Storytelling

Your job as a storyteller is to get your character from point A to point B. Your character doesn’t have to be saving the world, but you have to get them there in the most interesting way possible. If you get them there by a straight line, that’s a pretty boring story. If you get them there by putting obstacles in the way, that requires going down unknown paths, which requires some bravery, then your story becomes more interesting … that’s Suspense …

How To Navigate Your WorkLife and Find Your Purpose

You May Discover It at an Early Stage of Your WorkLife, Or You May Discover It at a Later Stage. Both Are OK. A Case Study: Mary’s Story: As a young girl, Mary didn’t have any great aspirations about what she wanted to do or be in her WorkLife. Her university choice came about becauseContinue reading “How To Navigate Your WorkLife and Find Your Purpose”