How To Push Beyond a Place of Being Stuck

(Hint) The Secret Lies in Helping Others Lulu was feeling stuck. The bank had turned her loan request down flat. With no experience working in the flower industry, and no training, they weren’t willing to take a risk on her. They weren’t prepared to even consider her volunteering work. But let’s back up a little toContinue reading “How To Push Beyond a Place of Being Stuck”

Writing Helps Me Live True To My Purpose

Writing Is My Purpose My Stated Purpose: To help people pursue their WorkLives with greater clarity, purpose, passion and pride, by creating continuous WorkLife learning programmes and resources that are accessible to everyone. Writing helps me to do that. Everything I do comes from writing. Writing is my livelihood. Writing is my passion. Writing is my purpose.

How To Use Turning Points To Start Something Different And Better

Life is Too Short Not To Be Living it Fully Carmel’s story of how the loss of her brother led her to reevaluate her WorkLife, to think through what was important in her day-to-day living and the legacy she wanted to work towards leaving behind. There have been a few turning points in my life that haveContinue reading “How To Use Turning Points To Start Something Different And Better”