What’s the Best Thing That Anyone Has Ever Said to You?

Has someone ever said something to you that surprised you? (In a good way). Maybe it was feedback about an attribute or skill you have, which you never gave much thought to, because it was just you being you, you doing what you do naturally, but to other people it was something special.

How to Act on Hard Feedback You Know to Be True When You Don’t Know What To Do 

Chloe has done that by bringing her point of view to the work. Her point of view was always what was unique and distinct about her, but the self-doubt that had crept in had somehow caused her to shift away from who she was.

How to Overcome Being Crushed by Unfair Words and Unsolicited Feedback 

Words have consequences, they have power, a power that can be used to knock down or to build up. Wisdom, Truth and Self-Awareness are the arch-rivals to words and feedback that have caused a person to be knocked down. They are the superpowers that will build people up again.

A Simple Feedback Technique in 3 steps to Self Direct Meaningful Learning 

A Case Study: How I took an invaluable lesson in feedback practice from an acting class and adapted it to help people self direct meaningful learning in their WorkLife to turn their continuous story into a work of art.

2 Stories of Bodyism Objectifying People Because of Their Appearance 

My approach worked in bringing the conversation away from objectifying the men by the clothes they were wearing, to the techniques they were demonstrating, and considering how beneficial the platform they’re creating could be to people — would people use it? would people find it helpful? and is it something people would pay for?