Speaking Listening Understanding, The Impact of Ism’s

The Power of Listening to Hear People’s Stories to See New Possibilities: New Ways to Make the World a Fairer and Kinder Place for Everyone Along with many people throughout the world I’m shocked, sickened and saddened by inequality, discrimination, and so many kinds of ism’s: racism, homophobism, sexism, ageism, bodyism, machoism, egoism, and soContinue reading “Speaking Listening Understanding, The Impact of Ism’s”

I Write To Understand Why I Care

It’s My Way of Making Sense of Things I’m very easy-going. I’m also very values-driven. When something goes against my values, I become very fierce. Inequality, Injustice, Unkindness, Unfairness all go against my values. These behaviours make me angry. I’m not an angry person. Writing helps me to work through that. Writing helps me to makeContinue reading “I Write To Understand Why I Care”