Because of Longevity There’s Space For a Whole New Worklife Chapter 

This was no ordinary job search campaign, and we soon agreed his best plan of action was to connect with people he’d met throughout his career, just by way of catching up for a coffee or beer and having a chat about things in general.

Most Significant WorkLife Transition: From Supreme Judge to Nomadic Social Media Marketer

We had to rule things in or out; or if they fell into the maybe category we had to find a way of understanding why this WorkLife choice may or may not work and then rule it in or out. And so the process continued.

How Honest Can You Be When Asked Where Do You See Yourself In Five Years? 

What do you say when you’re asked that ever-recurring and somewhat annoying question: “Where do you see yourself in five years?” We’ve come to expect it at interviews, but what if it comes up in conversation at a networking event or a cocktail party?

2 Simple Steps to Transition Your WorkLife to Something New and Interesting 

What I want to focus on here is how you could transition into a new role/company/programme like this (or whatever role/company/programme that is new and interesting to you), so you’re ready when you do see a job advertised or you want to speculatively approach them to express why you would be a great asset to the company.

A WorkLife Change: From the World of Publishing to Companion Animal Practitioner

Oh, And Making Personalised Dinnerware for Discerning Pets, And Dog Walking Too! I’m sharing Janet’s story by way of demonstrating that if you can conceive an idea, you can achieve it. It will take planning, preparation, the necessary training and development, a good business plan and strategy, but as Janet discovered, you just need to takeContinue reading “A WorkLife Change: From the World of Publishing to Companion Animal Practitioner”

What Are You Going to Be When You Grow Up?

Or Maybe a Better Question Who Are You Going to Be at Your Next WorkLife Stage? Roisin had never really found her place in her WorkLife. She had stumbled from one thing to another. She had reinvented herself so many times along her WorkLife journey, all the time she felt she was constantly reinventing herselfContinue reading “What Are You Going to Be When You Grow Up?”