Do You Want to Add a Little Humour and Wit to Your Presentations? 

As the laugher died down, and Doris was about to begin the sales part of her presentation, Cyril caught her gaze, and in that brief exchange he communicated to her that she’d done well. This gave Doris a quiet confidence and helped her relax into her presentation, which in turn helped her to take a lighter approach.

Chapter 10 I’m Taking Hemingway’s A Moveable Feast on A Moveable Feast Chapter by Chapter

I really love how the learning I’m taking from the chapters of Hemingway’s A Moveable Feast connect with my day-to-day learning from other sources. Simply because I love to learn by connecting different things. In this case the same approach taken by people in very different eras to getting good work done and in using ridicule to deal with the absurd.

How Finely Tuning Your Self Awareness Will Help You Manage Your Inner Voices 

Your mind can be your best friend, and it can also be your worst enemy. Saboteurs create a lot of lies, and you need to be mindful of who’s doing the talking in your head. By naming your saboteurs as your enemy and the voice of folly, rather than trusting them as your friend and the voice of wisdom, they lose their credibility and power.

4 Effective Questions to Help You Learn From Ineffective Feedback 

I believe so much in the power of effective feedback. I also believe there’s an effective and ineffective way of giving and receiving feedback. I’ve never liked the feedback ‘sandwich’, because the crux of what needs to be said and heard can be lost within what is said around it, the dressing that surrounds it. I believe feedback should be given context.

Chapter 9 I’m Taking Hemingway’s A Moveable Feast on A Moveable Feast Chapter by Chapter

These people made it a comfortable café since they were all interested in each other and in their drinks or coffees, or infusions, and in the papers and periodicals which were fastened to rods, and no one was on exhibition.

Change vs Constant Constant vs Change The Argument in Favour of Both Part 2

The contrast between old and new, modern and historic has been the secret to Blumenthal’s success. He recognises and appreciates what is good about ‘constant’ and ‘change’. His story demonstrates the argument in favour of both.