My books are designed to help you gain insight and inspiration in your chosen area of WorkLife and then support you in achieving what is important to you in your WorkLife learning, development and growth. You will learn to recognise and take ownership of your strengths and potential, as well as assessing your challenges to determine where you are stuck, to then uncover solutions to move forward.

My first book: Your WorkLife Your Way and its companion Workbook, focuses on helping you live your best WorkLife by managing your learning, development and growth, through effective self-feedback, insightful questions and the ability to shape and tell your unique story. 

Throughout this book and workbook, you will explore your imagination, you will go deep within yourself by asking yourself insightful questions, and you will give yourself continuous feedback. You will write short stories: the stories of your WorkLife chapters.

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Your WorkLife Your Way Workbook is the companion to Your WorkLife Your Way: Make Your WorkLife Work For You – The Book

The workbook is £9.99. Tap the link below to buy the book from Amazon in Paperback Format:

The School of WorkLife How To Book Series is designed to help you continuously fine-tune your learning, development and growth in the areas that are most important to you.

I developed each of the 27 chapters of Your WorkLife Your Way (the book) into individual e-books that form the School Of WorkLife book series.

Each book tells real-life WorkLife stories of the struggles and successes people encountered in their WorkLife. 

Each book also includes the exercises that helped navigate these situations, which are presented as assignments for you to work through and adapt to your WorkLife situations.

Each book is £2.99 and can be purchased from my Shopify Store. The books are also available on Amazon, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble Press, Google Play and Kobo Writing Life.

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My latest book: WorkLife Book Club Volume One Shoreditch

WorkLife Book Club Volume One takes you on a journey through the streets of Shoreditch, East London, as the members share culinary experiences, while discussing WorkLife struggles and successes through the wisdom found in the books they read. 

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Start Your Own WorkLife Book Club

It is my hope that the Shoreditch WorkLife Book Club, and the stories, books and discussions featured in the book, might inspire others elsewhere, anywhere in the world, to follow their example, and establish their own WorkLife Book Club. If that is something you are interested in doing or have already done, I would love to hear from you.

Writing Commissions

As a writer and learning practitioner, I create stories to help people self-direct their WorkLife learning. Each story provides useful insights, sparks essential conversations and instils inspiration.

Get in touch if you would like me to write for your publication or learning platform. 

Coaching, Workshops & Speaking 

I coach, lead workshops and speak on each of the WorkLife topics featured in my books. Get in touch to discuss your individual or company WorkLife learning needs, and for any media enquiries, including interviews or participation in panels or conferences.

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