My Story

Carmel O’ Reilly is a learning practitioner and writer. She creates resources to help people self-direct their WorkLife learning

Carmel O’ Reilly is a learning practitioner and writer. She creates resources to help people self-direct their WorkLife learning.

Hello, I’m Carmel O’Reilly. Founder of School Of WorkLife. I’m a WorkLife learning practitioner and writer. I create learning programmes and resources to help people manage, develop and transition their WorkLives in good, challenging and bad times.

Since 2003 I’ve facilitated these programmes as a coach, workshop leader and speaker, in one-to-one and group settings, in-person and remotely.

The focus of my work begins by helping people identify a WorkLife path that’s true to their core values, purpose, and motivation. This is followed through by creating meaningful short and long-term WorkLife plans while enabling self-directing, self-coaching, and self-leadership to drive these plans.

I love that I’m actively engaged in the art of learning. I love that my profession allows me to immerse myself in the world of people’s learning and that I get to participate in their WorkLife journeys.

I love that our WorkLives are journeys.

I love my own WorkLife journey. It’s taken me from investment banker to WorkLife learning practitioner and writer by way of stopping off at university along the way to gain my degree in Career Coaching and Management. I now help people navigate their WorkLife journeys through stable times and times of change and uncertainty.

I love that I can do this from a place of having changed direction myself – a place of understanding that comes from challenges, obstacles, failures and successes I’ve encountered along the way. Together with experiences, knowledge and skills gained throughout my journey. All of which come from a place of exploration and discovery. I continue to learn through people’s amazing WorkLife stories, from which I draw inspiration every day.

My inspiration in creating my work comes from a lifelong passion for learning. My work has taught me that the one thing in life that can never be taken away from you is your learning. 

A long time ago, I wrote the following statement that has guided me in my WorkLife ever since. You can read My Guiding Statement on my About School of WorkLife page.

A word about language I use on my website and in my work. By WorkLife, I mean our life both in and out of work and the impact each has on the other. I believe WorkLife needs to be considered holistically because all areas of our life are so intrinsically linked, they cannot be separated. I have connected the words Work and Life to express the meaning they hold for me. I capitalise the first letter of each word to highlight their importance and relationship.