The Art of WorkLife Storytelling Learn To Craft Your Unique Stories

The stories we tell enable us to get our sense of character across in a meaningful and truthful way. Stories that demonstrate what we stand for and what we stand against. Stories in which we share our values and our beliefs, our thinking and our ideas, our individuality and our uniqueness. Stories that enable us to speak our truth because we are telling stories that matter to us.

The Art of WorkLife Storytelling  is a series of lessons designed to help you find, develop and tell the right story at the right time in all WorkLife situations – in day-to-day communication: WorkLife and feedback conversations, presentations, talks, and negotiations, at interviews, and when socialising and networking in building and maintaining good relationships. You will learn to tell the stories that express who you are in an interesting and engaging way.

I acquired storytelling tools the way most writers do: by reading books and writing my own books. I’ve published 30 books and 100s of stories. Because the lessons involve a lot of nuts and bolts guidance, the stories I share as case studies are based on real WorkLife challenges, obstacles and successes.

We are all storytelling creatures. Whether we’re penning a novel or talking to a friend, we’re using the same tools to form a connection with people.

I share the tools I use to build my own stories – from research to determining the story’s main themes, to character and plot development, to creating suspense, conflict, action, and more. I demonstrate how I use these tools to serve the specific goal of keeping audiences engaged. 

In the lessons, I hope to unlock a toolbox of ideas that you can use immediately as you write and tell your own stories. My sincerest hope is that the lessons inspire in you a passion for the writing process as well as the confidence to master your own personal voice by exploring your ideas and weaving them into stories that are distinctly your own that you will share with your audience. 

That’s important because, in the words of Patrick Winston: “Your success in life will be determined largely by your ability to speak, your ability to write, and the quality of your ideas.”

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