Learning Resources From School of WorkLife. Resources to help you self-direct your WorkLife learning
Resources  to help you self-direct your WorkLife learning

School of WorkLife helps you self-direct your WorkLife learning through resources that have been created to help you to take ownership of your learning in your own space and in your own time. 

The School of WorkLife Books are designed to help you gain insight and inspiration in your chosen area of WorkLife and then support you in achieving what is important to you in your WorkLife learning, development and growth. 

You will learn to recognise and take ownership of your strengths and potential, as well as assessing your challenges to determine where you are stuck, to then uncover solutions to move forward.

School of WorkLife embraces the principle of Self-Directed Learning.

Self-Directed Learning is a series of independent actions and judgements free from external control and constraint. It is when an individual is motivated to take the initiative and responsibility on decisions related to their own learning. 

You will Learn Through Reading:

Each book tells real WorkLife stories presented as case studies of the struggles and successes people encountered in their WorkLife. 

You will Learn Through Writing:

Each book includes the exercises that helped navigate these situations, presented as assignments for you to work through and adapt to your WorkLife situations.

You will Learn Through Storytelling:

Each book is designed to help you find, develop and tell the right story at the right time in all WorkLife situations – in day-to-day communication: WorkLife and feedback conversations, presentations, talks, and negotiations, at interviews, and when socialising and networking in building and maintaining good relationships. 

You will Learn Through Speaking:

Each book is designed to help you tell the stories that express who you are in an interesting and engaging way.

You will Learn Through Thinking

Each book is designed to help you explore your thoughts and the quality of your ideas.

You will Learn Through Doing:

Each book is designed to support you in applying the lessons learnt to your WorkLife to embrace self-directed learning.

Tap The School of WorkLife Books to see the complete series of books. From here, you can tap on each individual title to see a preview of what’s inside each book. 

School of WorkLife Guiding Statement: To create resources that are helpful, insightful and inspiring in helping people to pursue their WorkLives with greater clarity, purpose, passion and pride by creating continuous WorkLife learning programmes and resources that are accessible to everyone.

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