School of WorkLife helps you self-direct your WorkLife learning through resources that have been created to enable you to maintain a learning lifestyle in your own space and in your own time. 

The School of WorkLife Books are designed to help you gain insight and inspiration in your chosen area of WorkLife and then support you in achieving what is important to you in your WorkLife learning. 

You will learn to recognise and take ownership of your strengths and potential, as well as assessing your challenges to determine where you are stuck, to then uncover solutions to move forward.

WorkLife Book Club Case Studies are inspired by real WorkLife struggles and successes and show how the wisdom found in the books read by the protagonist in the stories helped them navigate through their challenging situations. 

The case studies have been created to help guide WorkLife learning through reading – both fiction and non-fiction. They draw attention to stories of change and active decision making – people standing up and saying they want to do something different with their WorkLife. 

The Art of WorkLife Storytelling  is a series of lessons designed to help you find, develop and tell the right story at the right time in all WorkLife situations – in day-to-day communication: WorkLife and feedback conversations, presentations, talks, and negotiations, at interviews, and when socialising and networking in building and maintaining good relationships. You will learn to tell the stories that express who you are in an interesting and engaging way.

WorkLife Lessons Through Real-Life Stories. These lessons have a strong focus on soft skills, which are sometimes described as personal attributes, attitudes or character traits. They have been crafted to help improve, amplify and refine these important skills. The skills that actually determine how far we’ll go and how it will feel to work with us as we move forward. 

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A word about the language I use on my website and in my work.

By WorkLife, I mean our life both in and out of work and the impact each has on the other. I believe WorkLife needs to be considered holistically because all areas of our life are so intrinsically linked, they cannot be separated. I have connected the words Work and Life to express the meaning they hold for me. I capitalise the first letter of each word to highlight their importance and relationship.

Self-Directed Learning is a series of independent actions and judgements free from external control and constraint. It is when an individual is motivated to take the initiative and responsibility for decisions related to their own learning. 

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The learning resources I bring you are created from questions and answers drawn from WorkLife lessons. To help me understand where I need to prioritise my focus in creating helpful learning resources, tap the link below to let me know:

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