I Write To Understand Why I Care

It’s My Way of Making Sense of Things I’m very easy-going. I’m also very values-driven. When something goes against my values, I become very fierce. Inequality, Injustice, Unkindness, Unfairness all go against my values. These behaviours make me angry. I’m not an angry person. Writing helps me to work through that. Writing helps me to makeContinue reading “I Write To Understand Why I Care”

Writing Helps Me To Learn From My Mistakes

Writing Helps Me Know What To Do Next I love mistakes. I learn so much from them. I love mulling over mistakes in my journal, where I write my Daily Musings. I’m a reflective soul. It takes me time to know what I’ve learnt from a mistake. Writing gives me that time. I need space toContinue reading “Writing Helps Me To Learn From My Mistakes”

When I Need Clarity, I Write

Writing Takes Me Along a Path of Discovery There are (many) times when my gut instinct is telling me something. There are also (many) times when I don’t know what that is. But I do know it’s something important, and I need to figure out what it is. Writing gets me to that place ofContinue reading “When I Need Clarity, I Write”