The 3 Ps of WorkLife:

Purpose Passion and Persistence Photo by Joao Cabral from Pexels Real-life stories that are truly inspiring serve to remind us that success doesn’t happen overnight. It takes persistence, determination, and a lot of pulling ourselves back up. To get back to following our path, when we don’t know if and when it’s going to happen forContinue reading “The 3 Ps of WorkLife:”

Good Things Happen in Bookshops

A Memory That Gave Me Insight to How I Got to Where I Am in My Worklife and Inspiration in Knowing I’m at the Right Place Photo by Jareed Craig on Unsplash We didn’t have a bookshop in the village I grew up in, but we did have a revolving bookstand in one of our local stores.Continue reading “Good Things Happen in Bookshops”

Why I Brought My Love of the Arts to My Worklife Learning Programmes and Resources

And How It Helped Me: First to Have Clarity on My Worklife Purpose, and Then to Become My Driving Force Image supplied by author (Pictured: me) My love of the arts goes back a long way. Even further than this photo — and that’s close to 40 years! I can attribute it to my dad and his loveContinue reading “Why I Brought My Love of the Arts to My Worklife Learning Programmes and Resources”

Create the Next Chapter of Your Career and Life Story

There have been a few turning points in my life that have caused me to stop and think about what’s important to me and to consider what I want from my work and my life outside of work. Sadly one of those occasions was when my brother died aged just 41. He had lived veryContinue reading “Create the Next Chapter of Your Career and Life Story”

Red Shoes, the Good Wife and a Pink Purse

My mum was born in an era when women always dressed up when leaving the house and that wasn’t for a night on the tiles but for everyday occasions like a trip to the local grocery store. I always remember her looking elegant and she had a penchant for clothes and accessories. A few yearsContinue reading “Red Shoes, the Good Wife and a Pink Purse”

Hiring the Best Person for the Job

In a Harvard Business Review article Kevin Ryan founder and CEO of Gilt Groupe suggests  going beyond the referees supplied by a candidate and utilising your network to find mutual contacts who can provide candid feedback  and asking the following questions: ▪ Would you hire this person again? If so, why and in what capacity?Continue reading “Hiring the Best Person for the Job”