Do You Believe in Signs That Can Save You From Yourself? I Do

Three Simple Yet Profound Signs That Got Me Back on the Path of Health and Happiness That I Hadn’t Been Fully Aware I’d Strayed From Image supplied by author Oftentimes the most simple of things are also the most beautiful of things, and it’s this combination that has the power to bring and maintain health and happinessContinue reading “Do You Believe in Signs That Can Save You From Yourself? I Do”

The 3 P’s: Persistence Passion Purpose

The HubSpot Growth Show is great: the stories truly inspiring and serve to remind us that success doesn’t happen overnight, it takes persistence, determination, a lot of pulling ourselves back up, following a path when we don’t know if and when it’s going to happen for us, while remaining true to our passion, gutContinue reading “The 3 P’s: Persistence Passion Purpose”

Interviews: The Opening Question: Tell me about Yourself

INTERVIEW #1 The Opening – Setting the Scene – Steps to Crafting Your Inspiring Story “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken” Oscar Wilde Many interviews will start with the same prompt “Tell me about yourself” Standard responses are along the lines of: “I studied (Major X) because I really wanted to make a differenceContinue reading “Interviews: The Opening Question: Tell me about Yourself”

A Masterclass and the Power of Words

I was at a Masterclass at the Theatre Royal Haymarket in which the Actor Mark Strong shared his experience of the industry and his career before hosting a Q and A. One of the questions Mark was asked was how he gets into a character – to understand the essence of their being. His replyContinue reading “A Masterclass and the Power of Words”

Thinking is the Ultimate Human Resource

Because I help people in career transition, I sometimes get asked by people if I’m always able to tell people what job they should be doing and I have to explain that that’s not what I do. What I actually do is facilitate the process which allows people to come to this realisation themselves, inContinue reading “Thinking is the Ultimate Human Resource”

Creating a Fulfilling Career

Can we really create a career that’s fulfilling, motivating, inspiring that makes us want to jump out of bed in the morning and keeps us sustained throughout the day, week, and month? Well actually yes, and I can say that because that’s exactly what I’ve done for myself and I know quite a few peopleContinue reading “Creating a Fulfilling Career”

What Business Schools can learn from the Medical Profession and the Importance of Work Based Learning

Today’s post was inspired by an article I read in Harvard Business Review in which the author spoke about the advantage medical schools have over business schools because of most medical schools being affiliated with hospitals, allowing students exposure to real-world and real-time situations, in contrast to inserting business students into real-world managerial situations whichContinue reading “What Business Schools can learn from the Medical Profession and the Importance of Work Based Learning”

Your CV Should Tell your Story

Clients will often ask me if they should put interests/hobbies on their CV and without hesitation I respond ABSOLUTELY. I believe it’s so important when people are being interviewed that the interviewer/s take time to understand who they are as individuals, what’s unique and different about them over and above their skills, and experience inContinue reading “Your CV Should Tell your Story”

Managing your Career in Turbulent Times

There’s an old story about two shoe salesmen whose company sends them to a remote village in Africa Upon arrival, one sends home a message saying, “No one here wears shoes; will return shortly.” The other salesman sends this message: “No one here wears shoes; send inventory!” The point of the story, of course, isContinue reading “Managing your Career in Turbulent Times”

Change Management Survivors Syndrome

In this current economic climate many organisations are forced to go through restructuring processes resulting in considerable downsizing. This can seriously impact morale and bring it to an all-time low. People are struggling to keep their heads above water but they need to somehow come through this and make it work if their organisation (andContinue reading “Change Management Survivors Syndrome”