Exploring Parts Unknown 

The idea behind the initiative is to empower people working within hospitality to flourish in and out of the workplace by providing personal and professional growth opportunities. The purpose is to elevate people to new perspectives to cultivate diverse and inclusive environments and to create great workplaces that work for all.

The Case For Reading Fiction

The feedback from the group was that the experience of reading and discussing a fiction book had helped develop and fine-tune their empathy. This was because they believed having been able to tap into the feelings of the characters in the book, they felt this would help them be more attuned to their colleague’s feelings in everyday WorkLife situations and have greater empathy because of that.

Learning Through Graphic Novels and Comics

They talked about the many visual cues graphic novels and comics used to convey so much information and how when the text and spatial cues, when all combined, invoked the sense of passage of time, the space of the story, sounds and action, paving the way for a deeper understanding of metaphors, symbolisms and point-of-views. 

Do You Believe in Love at First Page? 

Do You Believe in Love at First Page? February a Valentine’s Month Filled With Book Blind Dates was so successful it not only saved the library from closure, it also created permanent jobs for two new librarians to join Fred. That was just as well, because they continued to run monthly Blind Date with a Book themed events, which are so successful, they are continuously running out of covered books and need many hands to add more to the collection.

I Trust You, Make the Call

The social enterprise went much further than serving up the best coffees. Learning to create that perfect cup of coffee instilled a sense of pride in every single employee. And the parting words from Charlie as each team took their mobile coffee truck on the road, “I trust you, make the call,” gave them the self-belief that they could do this.

“Where flowers bloom so does hope.” – Lady Bird Johnson

Martha thanked Lulu for everything she had done for her mum. Saying how her mum, who was living with dementia, seems less agitated since Lulu had been filling her room with flowers. As they continued talking Lulu shared her story and how she believed flowers had saved her life, and that she felt they had deep inner-healing properties.

Three Simple Lessons in Learning to Love Your WorkLife

Maintaining good morale, his own and other people’s, is one of Reggie’s core characteristics that has driven his WorkLife, and one that he can attribute to wartime and learning taken from Ralph, an American serviceman stationed in Britain, who Reggie got to know when Ralph stopped by for a regular fish and chip supper.

The Ghosts of Christmas Present, Future, and Past and an Alternative Timeline

Imagining Silver Linings in the Future Makes Them Feel Scarce and Leads to Appreciating Them More in the Present Photo from The Old Vic Theatre, London (From a production of A Christmas Carol) ’Twas the night-shift before Christmas and all through the warehouse the team were quietly working to the festive music of Strauss. Each lostContinue reading “The Ghosts of Christmas Present, Future, and Past and an Alternative Timeline”

Knowing When to Say No More I’ve Had Enough and Calling It Quits

The Hardest Thing About Growing In Your Worklife Is That No-One Is There to Tell You What to Do Next, You Have to Decide That for Yourself Knowing when to say no more, I’ve had enough and calling it quits can be one of the hardest things you’ll do in your WorkLife. As a volunteer,Continue reading “Knowing When to Say No More I’ve Had Enough and Calling It Quits”