WorkLife Stories

WorkLife Stories

WorkLife Stories

I write stories about a range of WorkLife topics to help people manage their learning in the way that’s best for them, by taking the lessons most relevant to their learning wants and needs. I believe stories are a powerful mechanism for teaching, a powerful medium to learn through, and a powerful way to communicate who you are and what you stand for.

The stories I bring you are created from questions and answers drawn from WorkLife lessons. What I’m trying to do is to highlight different ways to achieve what is important to you in your WorkLife learning. To provide you with a pathway so that even if a particular story doesn’t apply to you, you understand there is a path to follow. 

Whatever you want to do, there is a path to it, and once you understand those steps, it becomes much more intuitive, and hopefully, it motivates you to do what you need to do at each step of your WorkLife journey. Because that’s what you need most, the motivation to take that next step. The motivation to follow your WorkLife path.

I have two publications:

WorkLife Book Wisdom:

The intention of the stories I share in this publication is to inspire you through people’s stories of their WorkLife experiences. Through these stories, you will learn about people’s dreams and ambitions, along with the challenges, obstacles, failures and successes they encountered along the road of their WorkLife journey. You will learn how they used the power of book wisdom to help them find the inspiration and guidance to navigate their path to live their WorkLife with passion, purpose and pride.

My hope is that these book wisdom stories will help you throughout the chapters of your WorkLife Story.

WorkLife Book Wisdom is a free publication. I publish a new story every Thursday.

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The Art of WorkLife Storytelling 

This weekly publication is a series of lessons designed to help you find, develop and tell the right story at the right time in all WorkLife situations – in day-to-day communication: WorkLife and feedback conversations, presentations, talks, and negotiations, at interviews, and when socialising and networking in building and maintaining good relationships. In these lessons, you will learn to tell the stories that express who you are in an interesting and engaging way.

The intention of the lessons in this publication is to help you learn to craft your unique stories. The stories we tell enable us to get our sense of character across in a meaningful and truthful way. Stories that demonstrate what we stand for and what we stand against. Stories in which we share our values and our beliefs, our thinking and our ideas, our individuality and our uniqueness. Stories that enable us to speak our truth because we are telling stories that matter to us.

The Art of WorkLife Storytelling is a subscription publication. The cost is £5 p.m. I publish a new lesson every Tuesday. On the last Tuesday of every month, I make the lesson available to everyone for free. On the other Tuesdays of the month, the lessons are available to subscribers only. 

The sign-up to The Art of WorkLife Storytelling is within the weekly Tuesday publication.

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