Three Ways To Create Suspense in Your Storytelling

Your job as a storyteller is to get your character from point A to point B. Your character doesn’t have to be saving the world, but you have to get them there in the most interesting way possible. If you get them there by a straight line, that’s a pretty boring story. If you get them there by putting obstacles in the way, that requires going down unknown paths, which requires some bravery, then your story becomes more interesting … that’s Suspense …

6 Tips to Help You Craft Great Opening Lines That Hook Your Audience the Moment You Begin Your Story

The opening line to your story can be simple, eloquent, informative, contradictory, startling, thrilling, curious, suspenseful … But it should propose a contract to your audience: If you keep listening, I’ll tell you a certain kind of story.

I’m Taking Hemingway’s ‘A Moveable Feast’ on A Moveable Feast. Chapter by Chapter. 

“and I thought, I will do my best to serve her and see she gets justice for the good work she has done, as long as I can, so help me God and Mike Ney. But to hell with her lost-generation talk and all the dirty, easy labels.”

4 Effective Questions to Help You Learn From Ineffective Feedback 

I believe so much in the power of effective feedback. I also believe there’s an effective and ineffective way of giving and receiving feedback. I’ve never liked the feedback ‘sandwich’, because the crux of what needs to be said and heard can be lost within what is said around it, the dressing that surrounds it. I believe feedback should be given context.