5 Steps to Help You Craft Your Powerful Origin Story

Be The Superhero in Your Own Story … Origin Story Tells The Story …


Your origin story is your backstory that reveals how you – the protagonist, became the leading character in your WorkLife story. 

Comic books tell the story of how the characters gained their superpowers and the circumstances under which they became superheroes. 

Like a comic book hero, your story needs a history that tells how you gained your superpowers and became a superhero in your WorkLife story. 

In this lesson, you will learn to recognise the turning point or the moment of transformation in which your character (you) evolves in a significant way or embarks on a mission that must be completed. 

You will learn to identify the events along the way where you recognised and took ownership of your superpowers that turned you into the Superhero of your Origin Story.

Through Jen’s story (the protagonist in the story/case study in this lesson), you will learn how to use The 5 Steps To Help You Craft Your Powerful Origin Story.

The #5Steps:

#Step1. Enduring Hook: Think of an entertaining story or anecdote that ties into how you got started. It needs to be pithy, quick and easy to tell. 

#Step2. Sign of Struggle: To showcase your grit and determination, you need to show the struggle you faced along your path.

#Step3. A Novel, Breakthrough Idea: This is where your values shine through. What were you committed to doing differently?

#Step4. A Bold, Risky Move: This is the part of the story where you show you had a belief that was not yet proven. You step into the unknown because you have faith that you’re right. 

#Step5. The Payoff: Your first triumph is a compelling payoff for your origin story. You stood by your values and beliefs, acted with grit, and took risks. What was the first moment when you knew it was all worth it? 

In this lesson, you will learn the Art of Crafting your Origin Story.

That’s important because, as Superman shared in his:

Words of Wisdom

“I think a hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.”

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