Your WorkLife Your Way Book and Workbook 90% off Sale


 Your WorkLife Your Way: Make Your WorkLife Work For You

The 90% off sale of Your WorkLife Your Way: Make Your WorkLife Work For You  (the book and workbook) runs from the 12th of December 2021 to the 7th of January 2022. That’s 27 days to acknowledge the 27 chapters in the book. Each day I’ll give you a brief insight into the Chapter Of The Day to allow you to know how this can be helpful to you in making your WorkLife work for you.

Develop Your WorkLife Story

As you work through each chapter, you will be working through your WorkLife. You will discover and rediscover what is unique about you. You will be telling your story as only you can.


Self-Awareness gives you the ability to take an honest look at your WorkLife to identify and evaluate what is good, bad or indifferent. It allows you to be your own best critic in recognising your strengths and weaknesses, things you want to keep, things you want to improve upon, or things you want to let go of. Taking ownership will energise you to take the small changes, to take the small steps that will make your WorkLife better.

Develop a Practice of Insightful Self-Questioning Assignment

This chapter is designed to help your self-awareness to grow, and to answer the following questions:

Now that I have this self-awareness what does it mean to me?

What does it make me think?

How does it make me feel?

Will it make a difference in how I approach any aspects of my WorkLife?


YOUR WORKLIFE YOUR WAY is designed to help you Make Your WorkLife Work For You. 

Here’s an overview of the book and workbook:


Throughout this book, you will explore your imagination, you will go deep within yourself by asking yourself insightful questions, and you will give yourself continuous feedback. You will write short stories – the stories of your WorkLife chapters.

It’s been said that the need for humans to tell stories is one of the most profound manifestations of the human spirit. I hope this book will inspire you to tell your unique stories to reveal your profundity. 

Your daily short stories are a stepping stone to your WorkLIfe novel.

Each chapter includes the following sections:


You will learn through people’s inspiring stories about their WorkLife experiences and situations – struggles and successes, and how they navigated through these to live their best WorkLives.


You will learn the importance of giving effective feedback to yourself because feedback is the greatest enabler to live your best WorkLife.


You will learn to ask better and more insightful questions of yourself. These questions hold the key to the answers that will take you to where you want to go.


You will learn to develop your story from your WorkLife experiences in a way that’s unique to you.


My intention is to empower you through inspiring stories and practical guidance. To help you manage your WorkLife learning, development and growth, in a way that’s best for you.


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Here’s a link to Your WorkLife Your Way (the workbook) in my Shopify Store. Just enter the Discount Code: 144Y3V3GM6CR at checkout to get your 90% discount.

The printable workbook complements Your WorkLife Your Way (The Book). It has plenty of space for you to take notes as you work through the assignments in the book.

The workbook is reduced from £9.99 to £1.

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Please also note Your WorkLife Your Way (the book) is a standalone book. You don’t need the accompanying Workbook to work through the assignments as they’re all featured in the book.

The idea behind the Workbook is that you have a separate place to work on your assignments should you want this. Your WorkLife Your Way (the book) is prerequisite reading for the Workbook. 

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