A Turning Point Story: How Sometimes What You Think You Want, and Need Are Incorrect

And How When You Have All the Information You Can Get to What Is Correct 

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A Case Study: Nellie’s Story

“Can you just send the minutes – they’re pretty straightforward to write, and we all know nobody reads them anyway.” 

Now those words may not seem to be words that would cause a turning point, but yet they did. To help you understand why, let me share Nellie’s story and what brought her to this point, the point that was about to cause her to turn. 

Nellie is a WorkLife Coach. She works with individuals, helping them manage, develop and transition their WorkLives to achieve what is important to them at each stage of their journey. 

She does this on a freelance consultancy basis, companies bring her in as when they need her, and through word of mouth, people come to her independently of their company because they want to take responsibility for self-managing their continuing WorkLife chapters.

Nellie loves her work as a WorkLife Coach, and while she enjoys the autonomy of being a freelance consultant, going it alone can at times be lonely. Thinking about this caused her to believe that what she wanted and needed to do was to somehow find a way of being able to tap into being part of an organisation without having to be an employee. Something that would allow her to retain the flexibility and freedom in her WorkLife that was so important to her while also allowing her the support and sense of wellbeing that comes from connectivity and camaraderie. The thing that was missing for her, that brought about loneliness.

Nellie was catching up with Troy, who was her first client when she had embarked on her WorkLife as a freelance consultant. He had brought her on board at his company to provide one-to-one coaching to his team to help them manage their learning and development needs. They had long since become friends.

Over coffee, Nellie shared how she wanted and needed to be more connected in her WorkLife. This led to Troy telling her about the committee he was chair of that may help her wants and needs. 

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