How To Plan Going Freelance

When You Don’t Know What The Unknown Holds For You

Noelle was employed as a Market Research Analyst. While she enjoyed the work, for a long time, she had been considering going freelance. The reason was that she had other interests she wanted to make time for. Being employed this wasn’t always possible because her work, quite often at the last minute, required her to travel, taking her away from home for days at a time, which made it challenging for her to commit to her other interests.

This changed during the Covid-19 pandemic, when she was required to work from home and when travel was not allowed.

This, of course, also meant that she couldn’t become involved in the other interests she wanted to make time for – well, not in the traditional sense of connecting with people in-person, that is.

However, now that Noelle knew how her workday would pan out – i.e. she could work regular 9 am – 5 pm hours, with the confidence she wouldn’t be required to make any late changes to her daily work schedule because of needing to be somewhere else.

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