Something Was Missing in Aleksis’s WorkLife, But He Wasn’t Sure Exactly What

Something Was Missing in Aleksis’s WorkLife, But He Wasn’t Sure Exactly What

Something Was Missing in Aleksis’s WorkLife, But He Wasn’t Sure Exactly What
 All He Knew Was He Wanted To Get His Mojo Back
WorkLife Lessons Through Real-Life Stories
WorkLife Lessons Through Real-Life Stories

A WorkLife Lesson: Aleksis’s Story: Taking Himself to His Happy Place Gave Him Space to Think

Aleksis had no energy or enthusiasm for the side hustle/business he had started alongside his day job. But he couldn’t figure out why. After all, business was booming, and that’s what he had wanted and needed, so why was he feeling like this?

But let’s back up a little to learn how Aleksis had arrived at this place.

Aleksis had grown up in a farming community in Latvia. Throughout his childhood and into his early twenties, he had loved helping his parents out with growing the crops and also maintaining the machinery – he had always been good with his hands. 

Then on his twenty-fifth birthday, when celebrating on a night out in Latvia’s capital city of Riga, Aleksis met Emma, a British nurse who was visiting for one week. She had just arrived in Riga, and Aleksis offered to show her around the city and take her to other places of interest that were off the beaten track for tourists. By the end of the week, the two had fallen in love. That was the beginning of their one-year long-distance love affair. Their whirlwind romance led to an engagement after six months. Six months later, they tied the knot in London and began their new life together in the city.

Aleksis got a job at a small neighbourhood garage, which was no surprise to anyone because, well, remember, he had always been good with his hands.

One year later, they welcomed their first children into their lives – twin boys – Ivo and Jack. Life was good. Emma loved her work as a nurse, helping serve the needs of immigrants. Aleksis loved being a mechanic – he enjoyed the job, and he also enjoyed meeting and serving his community and their cars. They loved their time as a family with their children. And outside of that, they loved working together on the allotment Emma had gotten a few years earlier. As with Aleksis, Emma had also grown up on a farm, and she, too, loved growing crops. So, life was good. 

One year later, Emma fell pregnant again, and they soon discovered they would be welcoming two more babies into their family. They needed to sit down when they heard this news. They were happy and excited, but they were also concerned about the financial implications of needing to provide for a family of four children. They were already paying a lot of money for childcare for the boys, so they knew what the additional cost for another two babies would be – it would be almost the entirety of both their paycheques.


In this lesson, you will learn how going deeper with a question helped Aleksis get to his truth.

You will learn how going to his happy place enabled him to figure some important things out.

In this lesson’sWorkLife Learning Assignment, you will use the power of observation to maintain your mojo throughout your WorkLife.

In this lesson’s Continuous WorkLife Learning Assignment, you will continue to be an observer in your WorkLife, to know why you’re doing what you’re doing at every stage.

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