Quote #25 That Helped Shape The Chapters Of My First Book

To Give People an Understanding Into What the Chapter Was About. To Open Their Thinking without Telling Them How or What to Think

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Chapter #25 Self sabotage

Quote #25 “It’s good to be confident but not so confident you always think you’re right — that’s arrogance, it’s good to be humble, it’s not good to be so humble that you’re discrediting yourself — that’s insecurity.” Anon

Followed by my Chapter Introduction:

Timothy Gallwey, the author of the series of ‘The Inner Game’ books says that achievement is the result of skill minus interference, by interference he means the self-talk that tends to clutter up our minds while going about our worklife, notably at times when we want to be our best. We get in our own way and sabotage our performances. He goes on to say, that we need a better relationship with our inner critic, we think self-criticism pushes us to perform better and live up to higher standards, but actually it can bring about self-sabotage, because focusing on what’s wrong with you rather than what’s right, decreases your confidence and makes you afraid of failure. This hurts your performance, makes you give up more easily, make poor decisions, less likely to try new things and less resilient in the face of failure, less likely to learn and grow from your mistakes.

As a WorkLife Learning Practitioner and Writer, I know the importance of serving people’s preferred learning style. Some people like the bigger picture — quotes allow that. Other people like more detail — the chapter introductions allow that.

I like the bigger picture, to begin with, then I like detail. So I like both.

What’s your preferred learning style?

Bigger picture, more detail, or both?

First shared in my book: Your WorkLife Your Way.

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