My First Book Was Like a Cork From a Bottle

I Took Out That Cork and One Year Later I Had Published 2 Paperbacks, 27 E-Books and Was Working on My Next Paperback

Photo by Joshua Woroniecki from Pexels

That’s 30 books!

The First two paperbacks I self-published — Your WorkLife Your Way — the book and accompanying workbook.


Because I like to learn how to do things and self-publishing is a good way to learn how the world of books as a writer works.

I also self-published the 27 e-books — The School of WorkLife book series.


Because I think self-publishing is a good option for e-books.

I’m working with a publishing company on my next paperback.


Because I want to experience how that will be.

And also, the company belongs to the editor I worked with on my other books.

My first book, when I took the cork out of the bottle, led to many more books and to a relationship with a publisher.

It also led to many stories that I share on my website blog and on platforms for writers — Medium, Substack, Buy Me a Coffee, Amazon Authors and Goodreads Authors.

All of this happened because I took the cork out of the bottle.

Have you an experience of taking a cork out of a bottle?

Or do you have a bottle you want to take a cork out of?

I bring you stories every day, created from questions and answers drawn from WorkLife lessons. What I’m trying to do is to highlight different answers, to provide you with a pathway so that even if a particular story doesn’t apply to you, you understand there is a path to follow.

Whatever you want to do, there is a clear path to it, and once you understand those steps, it becomes much more intuitive, and perhaps it even gives you the courage to get started. Because that’s what you need most, the courage to get started. The courage to take the cork out of the bottle.

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