Do Speculative Job Approaches Actually Work? (Part 1)

The Answer Is a Resounding YES!

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However, I have no intention of misleading you here. It may involve sending out hundreds of letters before it brings about one conversation that leads to an interview and on to securing a role.

In some professions, it’s actually the only way things happen as quite often jobs don’t get advertised — the old hidden job market!

But are speculative approaches acceptable across all industries/sectors?

Well, I happen to think so.

To prove my point, I’ll tell you a story about Sean, who designed his speculative approach campaign to target the Public Sector.

Sean decided he wanted to move into the Public Sector. He wasn’t just looking for another job within the Public Sector. He actually wanted to transition from the Private Sector — no mean feat by any standards, considering the Public Sector promote equality and fairness in their job selection process. As a result, all positions will be advertised.

Sean speculatively approached a Government department for a job, not an advertised position but an enquiry, letting them know why he thought his skills, experience, and attributes gained working in the Private Sector would be valuable to that department.

Sean’s approach didn’t receive an immediate response, and he went about his business. Then out of the blue and several months later, he got a call to say that while they don’t usually accept speculative approaches, his letter and CV had impressed them, and they now had a position they considered he would be suitable for and invited him to apply.

His application was successful, and he was invited along for an interview.

This was a stringent interview process, as you would expect in the Public Sector.

Long story short, having been put through his paces, Sean secured the role and therein lies my case that speculatively approaching organisations for work does actually work.

I first shared this story some years ago on my original, now-defunct blog: Evolving Careers. I’m sharing it again because I believe it’s as relevant today, and it was all those years ago.

The stories I write are based on real WorkLife challenges, obstacles and successes. In some stories, I share my own experiences, and with permission, stories of people I’ve worked with, whose names have been changed to protect their anonymity. Other persons and companies portrayed in the stories are not based on real people or entities.

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