Thinking For Yourself Is The Ultimate Superpower

Creative Thinking For Yourself Promotes Creative Doing For Yourself

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Because I help people in WorkLife transition, I sometimes get asked by people if I’m always able to tell people what job they should be doing, and I have to explain that that’s not what I do.

What I actually do is facilitate the process which allows people to come to this realisation themselves. In essence, I help people to have clarity in their thinking.

My programmes also support job search, and I get asked if I always get people a job, to which I reply: “my role is to support people in getting the job themselves.”

This may all sound very cliché, but when I’m performing in my role at my very best, I’m merely the facilitator in helping people do things for themselves.

I meet with my clients weekly, fortnightly, or whatever time frame that allows them to carry out the objectives agreed on in our session. I always say to clients that the best work takes place away from the sessions, whether that’s research, networking or marketing themselves.

These are the actions that will drive their programme in line with their needs and objectives outlined at the outset of our work together.

I sometimes use the analogy of a sports coach. The world of WorkLife, Career, Leadership and Executive Coaching evolved from the world of sport.

Many of my clients will have worked with a sports coach or personal trainer or will have an understanding of how these people help their clients — individuals or teams get the most from their performance. They don’t go out and play a game or do their fitness programme for them.

They do, however, walk alongside them, supporting their motivation, determination and persistence in achieving their goals. They help them to continuously improve their performance, to be in a position to achieve things for themselves.

My clients will want to achieve the objectives outlined at the beginning of their programme for themselves. This gives them great satisfaction. The skills they gain throughout the process remain with them and indeed help to progress their WorkLife to the next level because of their ability to recognise what’s unique about themselves in terms of their skills, experience, knowledge and attributes.

This allows them to be confident in communicating this and effectively marketing themselves, whether in writing — job application, CV, and cover letter, or in-person — interviews, or in networking situations.

The experience they gain in building their networks in their chosen field also remains with them and gives them the impetus to continue to develop strong relationships, allowing them to easily navigate and progress their WorkLife when the time is right.

I truly believe Thinking is the ultimate superpower. Once people are confident in their ability to think for themselves and believe they have the answers they need within them, this instils the belief they can do for themselves.

The ultimate satisfaction for me in my work is when my clients are confident in thinking and doing for themselves. This leads to creative thinking, which in turn promotes creative doing.

I first shared this story many years ago on my original, now-defunct blog: Evolving Careers. I’m sharing it again because I believe it’s as relevant today, and it was all those years ago.

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