Your CV (Resume)Should Tell Your Worklife Story: Who You Are Both In and Out of Work

Good Interviewers Will Give People the Chance to Tell Their Deeper Story, Which in Turn Allows Them to See a Person’s True Potential

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Clients will often ask me if they should put interests/hobbies on their CV, and without hesitation, I respond ABSOLUTELY. I believe it’s so important when people are being interviewed that the interviewer/s take time to understand who they are as individuals, what’s unique and different about them over and above their skills, and experience in allowing an understanding of how they will perform in the role and be an ambassador for the organisation.

After all, we spend so much of our time in our job that there is a need to have a holistic view of what makes people tick, what motivates and inspires them and keeps them energised in their work and their life outside of work.

Good organisations will want to understand and support this. Quite frankly, if I were being interviewed by an organisation that showed little interest in me other than my capability to perform on the job, I would make a very quick exit, simply because I need to know that the organisation values my happiness and well-being. In order to do that, they need to have this insight and understanding.

This allows me an understanding to how they value their employees, which is important because the core of my work is supporting individuals and teams in being fulfilled in their WorkLife, in managing and developing their WorkLife, which in turn impacts the organisation’s vision and business strategy.

Remember, an interview is a two-way process; as much as you need to sell yourself to the organisation, they need to sell themselves to you too. Good interviewers will give people the chance to tell their story, which in turn allows them to see a person’s real potential.

I first shared this story some years ago on my original, now-defunct blog: Evolving Careers Players. I’m sharing it again because I believe it’s as relevant today, and it was all those years ago.

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