The Most Important Piece of Wisdom That Has Served Me Well Throughout My WorkLife

“You Have Much of What You Need Within You, and What You Don’t Have, You Will Be Able to Find or Figure Out.”

Photo by Suzie Hazelwood from Pexels

I actually don’t know where I first heard those words. I don’t believe it was from anyone I know.

I read a lot, so they could be words from a book. I also watch a lot of films and tv, so they could be words from there. And I listen to a lot of podcasts, so I could have heard the words there either.

Or it could be a phrase I coined myself — it certainly sounds like something I would say, and probably have said.

Sometimes I forget the things I say and will be reminded of something by family, friends or clients, words that they considered to be wise that I shared with them.

People actually tell me I’m very wise — I really like that. Because it means that something I’ve said has helped them in some way. I like helping people.

However, I hasten to add. I’m not an ‘Advice Giver’. Anything I would have said would have happened by way of conversation — sharing my thoughts and experiences, which I like to think of as simply sharing stories — certainly not by way of dishing out advice!

I actually can’t stand ‘Advice Givers’, especially people who give unsolicited advice! They’re the worst.

My experience is that people who are really good at what they do, don’t give out unsolicited advice. Some will choose to be mentors, and in doing so, will share their experiences, their stories. Stories are a wonderful way to help people — a wonderful way to impart wisdom without telling people what to do. People can always figure that out for themselves.

Sometimes they just need different perspectives, different ways of looking at things. Then they can find their own best way.

A conversation, a shared experience, a shared story is all that’s needed.

Because we all have much of what we need within us and what we don’t have, we’ll be able to find or figure out.

Published by Carmel O' Reilly

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