What Does My Nespresso Coffee Machine Have To Do With Evolving WorkLives?

By Which I Mean Your WorkLife Evolving

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Well, quite a lot, actually. Some years ago, I was asked to write an article on: Managing a Career in Turbulent times for the Communication Directors Europe Magazine. I spoke about companies being more proactive towards the social pressure of protecting the environment while supporting Social Enterprise.

And so, take a company like Nespresso and their ecolaboration and sustainability programmes. It fits the company profile described above.

Is this something that you consider you would like to become involved in?. If so, you may want to examine how your current skills and experience would allow you to transition into a company/programme like this.

But there are no jobs advertised, I hear you say, that’s a mere technicality. What I want to focus on here is how you could transition into a company/programme like this, so you’re ready when you do see a job advertised or you want to speculatively approach them to express why you would be a great asset to the company.

Take the example of a communications specialist: now, communications are unilaterally deemed critical to the success of strategic initiatives.

Therein lies one simple but obvious reason, why armed with your expertise, you could speculatively approach a progressive company like this.

Now you may never have worked within this specific industry, and there may be a skills gap in terms of your knowledge/skills/experience, but if you can come up with a reason why you consider yourself to be an 80% fit for the company/programme then there’s a strong chance they’ll want to meet with you and many organisations will be willing and able to support the development of that 20% gap.

This is because there has been a surge in cross-industry recruitment as employers are beginning to realise the importance of bringing in a broader range of skills and knowledge. They don’t want to miss out on the wealth of talent that is available elsewhere!

Of course, you’re going to have to sell yourself to get them to meet with you in the first place, at which point, of course, you’ll be able to wow them and be offered the role.

So you need to communicate a strong written presentation of your skills, experience and attributes and the value you will bring to the company in line with their development strategy, which of course you’ll have researched and as the communications specialist, you’re just the person to draft that strong speculative letter and tweak your CV accordingly. — Job Done!

Those of you out there who don’t work in communications may think that’s all fine and dandy; it’s an obvious choice for communications specialists, but how can I, coming from a background in ABC, possibly transition into this XYZ company/programme?

Well, you follow the same strategy as the communications specialist, you figure out how your skills/, experience, and attributes could bring value to the company, and you research their development strategy.

Then you compile your letter and tweak your CV, now I know you’re not the communications specialist, and perhaps words don’t flow as easily (or maybe they do), but you are writing about yourself and who knows you better!.

Nespresso is just one of many companies wanting to make a difference through their ecolaboration and sustainability programmes. I choose to use them as an example because their coffee is very much part of my world.

You can research companies that have significance and meaning to you, that are making a difference on a social level.

I first shared this story many years ago on my original, now-defunct blog: Evolving Careers. I’m sharing it again because I believe it’s as relevant today, and it was all those years ago.

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