Hello, I’m back after a short break with a short announcement.

I needed to take a short break from the WorkLife stories I write and share on my weekly Book Wisdom blog and podcast, to figure out how I will continue.

This is because of something good that has come about because of this work. And that’s, that the weekly stories I’ve written have led me to working with a publisher on a series of books called WorkLife Book Club. The first book in the series will be published in 2021. 

Tap the link below for an insight into the premise behind the idea of this book series:

To write this new book, I need to shift my time and focus to working on it, and that means shifting my time and focus away from working on the weekly WorkLife stories I write.

But the thing is, I enjoy publishing a weekly story here on my blog, and on my podcast. And this is what I’ve been mulling over, trying to figure out how I will be able to continue.

The idea that came to me is that I can still publish a weekly story, just a little different to what I have been doing. 

You see over the last year I’ve written a series of books, called the School Of WorkLife Book Series. These books are designed to help people manage their own WorkLife learning. 

And I’ve begun a WorkLife Book of The Week series. Every week Monday through Sunday I serialise a story from the School Of WorkLife Book Series. I do this each day in under 280 characters, which I post across my social media channels. 

And now we get to my idea, and that’s, that the end of each week, I’ll bring all 7 daily posts together here as 1 weekly blog post, which I also share on my podcast: WorkLife Book Wisdom.


 The stories I’ve written for the School Of WorkLife Book Series, are all based on real life WorkLife situations, case studies of the successes and challenges people experienced in navigating the chapters of their WorkLife story.

The first weekly blog post will be published here on Sunday the 7th February 2021, and weekly every Sunday thereafter.

And that’s my short announcement, I’ll be back very soon with the first blog post. 

I hope you’ll enjoy this new format and find the stories I share, helpful in navigating the chapters of your WorkLife story.   

I believe stories are a powerful mechanism for teaching, a powerful medium to learn through, and also a powerful way to communicate who you are and what you stand for. 

Tap the link below to see a preview of what’s inside each book in the School Of WorkLife Series, along with the main ideas and the meaning behind these:

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